What is an Open Startup?

An Open Startup is not hard to understand. It's a special kind of company that "goes public" before it has revenues, or even a product. More than that it's a declaration that they are willing to let everyone know about everything that's happening, in exchange for help and feedback.

A startup is ‘open’ when they are willing to tell you everything that’s going on behind the scenes, which is great news if you're someone who wants to help.

The great thing about having the company be an Open Startup is that they have to engage with and have a community. The community will help them grow, but, what's more important here, is in order for a company to share their metrics like this, they can't really hide or obscure any part of their business.

A company that shares its metrics is called an Open Startup. It's not enough just to share data about revenue or downloads or users. An Open Startup must also publish information more confusing metrics like Churn and MRR. And they must account for risk and uncertainty.

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